Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Tim Horz, and I use this site to share some thoughts, photos and other random stuff. While the main audience is friends and family, anyone is of course welcome to peruse this blog as they see fit, and everybody is invited to leave comments.

Please note: This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by anybody or any entity from the fantastic Hubble space telescope project. It is not a deliberate spelling mistake either. Hubbel is a nickname that I adopted for use on the Interwebs in the late 90s and have used ever since; it is a German colloquial word for bump, like a bump on an old road (or a speed bump).

I have had the site since 2003, when I started it as a personal playground for HTML, PHP and MySQL, as well as for learning about web server and mail server administration. The content was mostly vacation and party photos from my time at the university. I migrated it to using a content management system at some point, but eventually took it offline in 2007.

Now it is the year 2011, and I decided to resurrect the site, but this time skipping the administrative effort and leaving that in the capable hands of the folks at I brought back some of the old posts, but will not publish the rest or any of the photos again. If you remember being on some of the photos and would like to get a copy, let me know.

If you wish to contact me, please leave a comment with any of my blog posts (including this one), or send me an email to web (at) hubbel (dot) net. You can also find me on twitter as timhorz.

Thanks for visiting!
   Tim Horz

The banner was created using NASA's mosaic night-time satellite image found at:

Special thanks to Hanno for helping with the Hubbel logo!